What Are Custom Labels

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What Are Custom Labels

What are custom labels and why should I offer them?

Standard labels come in standard sizes and have limited applications. Although there is a strong need for these types of labels, as a seller you face vast competition which often comes down to the lowest price.

Custom labels are labels that are customized in two primary ways:

Label Sizes

custom label sizesMany businesses have the need for a label with a unique size or shape.  Products that are shipped may have a unique size requirement to accommodate bar codes and content information. Products may have unique shapes and sizes which will require a unique label to meet these requirements.  Many industries that store and process large products like barrels or large parts may require labels of a large size. Conversely industries such as medical may have requirements for very small labels that can fit on a test tube or small instruments.  These industries and many more are not able to purchase standard labels and need to find a vendor who can sell to them a label to meet their specific size requirements.

Label Material composition

Custom Label ConstructionStandard labels are constructed with limited durability and adhesion properties. They may work well for adhering to paper or cardboard, but will not adhere well to an oily surface or last when exposed to UV rays (sun) or rain.   A custom label is constructed with materials and adhesion properties to meet unique and demanding environments the label may be placed in. For example, a label that will adhere to glass, but can be peeled off without leaving residue. A label that can adhere to products exposed to oil or chemicals and not lose their readability when in contact with the same. Or labels in retail environments that may be exposed to extreme cold, outdoors or within freezers, or extreme heat, outdoors or in a heating container.

By offering custom labels you are able to offer a custom solution that can only be purchased from you.  This limits competition and provides your business with a means to set prices that are profitable. You will also achieve a high customer loyalty, as once the customer is satisfied with your custom label product there is little reason, and opportunity, for them to shift to a competitor.

Custom labels is a natural and logical product extension for print label distributors and promotional products businesses.  By adding custom labels to your product mix you can increase sales with existing clients and expand into a new client base who have custom label needs.

Working with National Custom Labels means you have  custom label partner. You drive new sales opportunities, while we develop the solutions and deliver the end product to your customers 100% white label.  The process is easy and does not require you to be a custom label expert.

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