How to avoid problems with Custom Shelf Mark Labels in the Grocery Industry?

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How to avoid problems with Custom Shelf Mark Labels in the Grocery Industry?

The grocery store poses a number of use and environmental hazards that puts the lifespan of a shelf talker in serious jeopardy if they’re not created properly.


Shelf talkers sit at in a perilous position in a store, for the same reason the marketers want them to be in perfect view means they are also at a perfect location to be physically knocked against by carts, people and the curious hands of a 5 year old. Retailers should be looking for a shelf label that is build with durability in mind, the core stock should be sturdy and strong, the exterior protected with laminating and a base that attaches to the shelf built to withstand numerous customer encounters of the physical kind.

Climate issues

Grocery stores have as many climate zones as our world does. From the arctic freezers, to the Sahara ready to eat roasted chickens, to the rainforests of the veggies isle.  Labels and shelf talkers placed in these areas must be constructed with materials that can withstand these environments to reduce wear and continuous replacement costs.

Sun and light exposure

Many grocery stores have an outdoor section where fresh produce and other items may welcome their guests.  In these situations your labels will be exposed to all the outdoor elements of cold, heat and the Sun’s UV rays. All of which can fade the label, make them brittle and prone to cracking. Once again, at National we construct our shelf talkers and custom labels with 3 purpose built layers to address all the damaging elements they may encounter.

Custom shapes and sizes

Grocery store shelf talkers demand a high level of flexibility in their shapes, size and of course color combinations.  Our process provides you with the ability to design and build a shelf talker that meets your exact needs.

Custom Built Shelf Talkers are not expensive and yield the best return

When you leverage National’s 50 years of experience in building custom labels and shelf talkers, you receive a label that will perform in virtually any environment.  A longer lasting, higher performance shelf talker means a happy customer who will resupply with you time and again. For only a fraction more cost a shelf talker built by National will deliver far superior return on investment over the long term.

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