What We Do For You:

We offer our customers a peace of mind by communicating and collaborating on meeting their customer’s label and tag requirements. We believe clear and direct communication minimizes the chance for a problem.  National label and tag products are only limited by your imagination.  We have a production team capable and willing to try new things and develop new products to be solutions.  We look forward to your next opportunity to work together to solve a problem.

Custom Label Production Capabilities

National offers a full arsenal of label and tags products and capabilities.  We are a custom label house.  All of our products are made to your customer’s specifications.  Sizes ranging up to 18” x 24”: Rolls, sheets, fan-fold.  We can print up to six colors, various imaging topcoats, Linerless labels, Label-Form Combinations and pattern adhesives.

Custom Label Print Technologies

National has always been on the forefront of developing new label and tag products to image properly in new print technologies.  We were one of the first companies to develop pin-feed labels to run on computer printers in the 60’s.  We developed labels to run on the first generation of laser printers – IBM 3800.  And now we have materials and topcoats for today’s thermal imaging technologies.  Having a problem with imaging, scanning or image rubbing off – give us a call!

Custom Label Finishing Solutions

The ability to supply the labels and tags to your customer in exactly the format that works for their process is a serious matter at National.  Rolls the wrong length as the ribbon; Sheets stacked to heavy causing ‘nesting’ and misfeeds; Pads not glued properly.  These are some of the problems that make us all look bad.  We are diligent on understanding all the necessary requirements for finishing the labels and tags to meet specifications.

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